2020 Targets – A Step too far?

I have had a couple of fallow years as far as running and fitness are concerned. I keep trying to get back into it but the motivation hasn’t been there . Excuses are easy to come by when the motivation’s not there.

So to kick off the new year I’m setting myself three main fitness objectives from now . I don’t generally like New Years resolutions which tend to be ‘broken’ but targets I can manage. I will also start today (28th December) as I have never seen the point in waiting!

  • Five Million Steps: Works out at an average of 13699 each day, every day. I’m currently averaging around 10k so this would be quite a stretch.
  • 12 Half Marathons: will focus on completion rather than time. Focussing on beating my PB each time I go out is one of the things that has stopped me running in the past
  • 1000 miles run in the year: Guess this is a bit of an ‘easy’ one in that if I do the other two this should just complete itself

I’ll look to put up a monthly update on here to track progress to keep me honest!