Marathon Posts – Training tips, Inspirational Accounts and Recovery Techniques

I am running the Brighton Marathon in April 2015 and wanted a place to store some of the inspirational posts from other runners of training tips and woes, marathon experiences or recovery suggestions. I’m hoping that over the year that this page turns into an motivating collection of articles for any marathon runner.

(Image © WallyG 2014) 

Training Tips

Marathon Stories

  • Michael Owen’s experience of running the London Marathon. A refreshingly honest summary of the race itself, with his mistakes, his pain and the importance of the support of family friends and others, combined with an insight into the life of a footballer. Turns out they are human too…
  • Spa Striders debut marathon runner Rob Thompson on his route to a sub 3 marathon and his experience on the day. Five words particularly stay with me: “Push yourself. Every. Bloody. Time”. 
Recovery Techniques
  • Reverse Tapering plans. Discussion and plans for how best to recover in the four weeks after a half or full marathon